Buck’s Fall Picks: 5 Easy Pieces

Buck’s Fall Picks: 5 Easy Pieces

If you are familiar with Buck’s and our vibe you know that passing trends are not our thing. Don’t get me wrong; we are all about fashion but we like it to be personally cultivated not dictated. It’s not that we don’t keep an eye on all things new and trending. We even indulge in them (when they’re good) but we are equally comfortable passing on what is too obviously trendy. We like to offer options that help our customers cultivate their own personal style. In other words; trend transcendence.

That said it is finally fall and there is much that is new, and fun and, yes, trendy that is noteworthy this year. So here are our picks for the best of fall fashion 2018.

Lack of Colour – Lola Cap (Black)

* Who does not want to channel the irreverence of Marlon Brando in ‘The Wild One’? Besides this hat is just plain fun! For an easy, contemporary look pair it with cropped flares and a slouchy sweater. And I know you’re thinking; it’s trendy. Well, yeah, but it’s one of those styles that just keeps coming back which makes it a keeper. And this version by Lack of Colour is well made and well detailed with its substantial brass studs. As a statement piece; it’s a statement we say YES to.

Free People – Rita Flare Jeans (Black as Night)

* This is a personal favorite. It’s a mid-rise in a sea of high rise jeans that have taken over the world of denim. I don’t care. I love the cut and length of these. They round out the bum and they are perfect for showing off ankle boots. Tip: As a short person nothing is ever ‘cropped’ on me but these have a raw hem so I cut a few inches off them and: viola, perfection. Yes, you can do this too.

Hudson – Beryl Booties (Burgundy)

* We have sooooo many boots and booties to choose from. This year’s crop is our best yet and fashion’s best in years. Fashion has adopted a more playful approach with new shapes (pointed toes, square toe, round toes) and textures (snakeskin and studding) and shaft lengths (below the ankle, ankle length, mid-calf) so picking one is like picking one flower out of a beautiful bouquet. That said, when we saw this boot at a trade show in New York earlier this year, it was love at first sight. We loved it so much we brought it in in two colours; burgundy and navy. It’s pointy but not too pointy, it has a higher shaft than the standard bootie and the colours are rich and deep. The final touch; it perfectly shapes every foot that goes in it.

Compania Fantastica – Duraton Sweater

* I love Compania Fantastica! How could anyone not, with a name like that? Think Italian fashionista style ala Giovanna Englebert but with an easy pricepoint. Patterns, flowers, flowy dresses, bright colours. Everything that’s good about fashion right now. This sweater is the perfect fall piece. It’s cozy, it’s got a great shape and it’s colour blocked with rich fall colours of ochre, green and black. We won’t have it for long.

Blank NYC – Ice Road Trucker

* This fall jacket by Blank NYC is a reminiscent of the sherpa lined jean jackets guys used to wear in the late 70’s/early 80’s. Finally, someone has made this jacket (which I always coveted) for girls! And what a great rendition. The denim is so soft it feels like it’s been worn for years and the Sherpa is warm and cozy. If you are a fan of the Canadian Tuxedo, as I am, this one’s for you.

And there you have it: 5 easy pieces. If you only got these 5 items you’d have a fall wardrobe update that pays dividends for years to come. And, in a world of disposable fashion, longevity is in short supply. These days, when it comes to clothing accumulation, less can, and should, be more and it does not have to be expensive. We’re here to help, Toronto. Come see us in Bloor West Village and get Bucked up.

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