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Buck's Reopening

Posted on May 20 2020

And just like that, the lockdown ended.  
For us in storefront retail, that is.

For many this lockdown continues with no end in sight. At Buck’s, the announcement that we could re-open on Tuesday May 19th has been bittersweet.  It’s sweet because we are thrilled to be able to have people in the store and to serve our customers because that is what we’re here to do. On the other hand it is sad because the carefree days we knew before the lockdown are over.   

We are well aware that there is still a lot of fear out there and people need to feel safe AND welcome.  So we’re taking a thoughtful approach. We have stocked up on hand sanitizer and moved things around to create a spacious and easy flow through the store that will adhere to social distancing requirements. We are also limiting the number of people who can be in the store at any given time and we are cleaning surfaces and change rooms with strict regularity as well as steaming clothing in-between fittings which effectively kills any bacteria and potential virus.

We are also changing up our hours to 11-5 to allow time for private appointments in the morning from 10am-11am and in the evening from 6pm-7pm. So if you want the whole place to yourself, to roam freely and take your time and feel completely unconcerned, we are happy to accommodate.  Please be advised we are closed on Mondays for the time being.

If you aren’t ready to venture out to the store, that’s okay. We are continuing with our Thursday night auctions just because they are so much fun! And because it’s a safe way for our customer community to get together, hang out, share comments, and shop! All in the comfort of your home, with your loved ones, virtual or not, and hopefully with a few bevvies, because it’s a party!  

The warmer weather arrives this week and with it we are unveiling lots of new arrivals for spring with colour, texture and pattern. These pieces are all making their way onto our website on a regular basis so you can keep tabs on all the new goodies from home.  And we’ll even be introducing some of this newness to the auction so nobody misses out.

To book an appointment you can contact us by:
(647) 748 - 4766

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