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Embellish Yourself

Posted on March 31 2018

We recently took a couple of days to do our most favorite thing: visit New York, do some buying for the store, and to see what’s next in fashion. It was so fun! And the fashion message was loud and clear; and by that I mean that message was LOUD. Everywhere we went there were collections of embroidered jeans, jackets with big colourful collars, rhinestone encrusted boots and shoes, bags covered in sequins, pearls, and studs. Fashion is playful again and everyone is embracing this; us included. I love this trend and I could see (from what fashion buyers were picking up for fall 2018) it’s just ramping up.

The beauty of this look is that it goes so well with basics. You only need a few key pieces to work it. For example; a solid tee with skinny jeans and a patch covered jacket. Or a sundress and jean jacket with rhinestone covered slides. How about black jeans, cropped sweater and a star studded crossbody bag? I was able to quickly pull these examples off our store shelves because we’re stocked with everything listed and much more.

Spring is almost here. We are on the verge of being able to shed the shackles of parkas, puffer coats and toques. And with spring comes vibrant colour, warm days and nights and fresh new styles to check out on Lakeshore. The BIA has been working hard coordinating Downtown Oakville’s first annual Fashion Week. The event runs April 9th – April 15th and is full of great events and promos to get you ready for the season.

At Buck’s the message is: emblazon and embellish. We are going to be showcasing the embellishment trend in all its incarnations with a focus on denim. Come in and see how to coordinate the look with fresh new styles, how to incorporate it into your current wardrobe, and how to DIY it at home. Then take advantage of our Fashion Week promo: purchase any denim piece (at 25% off!) and get your choice of 3 patches or pins free. We’ve got plenty of pins and patches to play with, and you can enter our raffle to win a one-of-a-kind custom embellished jean jacket.

Hope to see you on Lakeshore, in all your emblazoned glory.





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