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Fiorentini + Baker

Posted on November 18 2017

The Bugatti of Boots

“For me style isn’t about someone rich and beautiful in exquisite clothes, but the more casual portrayal of a personality.”

- Deborah Baker

If you haven’t found your perfect fall boot yet you’re in luck because we just got it. Yes, we saved the best (and I mean THE BEST) for last. Its brown, its black its supple leather, its velvety suede. It’s got an easy heel so you can wear it all day, every day and it works with just about everything. It’s built to last and it can take a beating. It’s Fiorentini + Baker. The Bugatti of boots.

The vintage rock and rock vibe of these boots is palpable. It’s as if Keith Richards and Anita Pallenburg had a boot baby and Fiorentini + Baker was born. I can easily envision anyone from Robert Plant to Johnny Rotten to Chrissie Hynde walking onstage with their kick-ass F + B boots front and centre air-kicking the crowd. Androgynous and edgy is a heady combo for a boot and nobody does it as well as Fiorentini + Baker.

The real dilemma here is which one to get? The Elf, the Even, the classic 713? The playful Brody? It’s a happy problem for me. I’ve been coveting these boots since we opened Buck’s two years ago; plotting and planning on how to get them into the store (no small feat). Finally, they are here and I am in so in love I can’t stop visiting their shelf, trying them on, playing air guitar with them in the mirror. If you want to feel like a rock star Fiorentini + Baker is the boot for you; and who doesn’t want to feel like a rock star? I want them all and I think you will too. Come by, check them out and try them on. Then take a good look in the mirror. I promise you’ll be very impressed by whose looking back at you.

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