Getting into Hygge

Getting into Hygge

If you’ve been in the store you may have noticed that our sofa is slipcovered in denim. And you may have also noticed that we tend to have a lot of leather goods on offer. Why? Because denim and leather are two things that get softer and more comfortable with age. You can’t say that about polyester or rubber or plastic. When I get dressed I want to feel like I did when my mum bundled me up as a little kid. Wrapped up in love and warmth. We want to offer this to you too. Everything we stock has been selected for its texture and comfort and quality.

This may sound trivial but it’s not. Canadian winters are hard; your clothing and shoes should not be. That extends to your home as well. I recall was I was a kid going to my Italian friends’ houses and being horrified at their plastic encased sofas. WTF? I did not understand this. Why would anyone want to sit on it? It was the most unwelcoming thing I’d ever seen. It stuck. So when I got my own house I made a point of filling it with denim and velvet and big woolly throws and pillows - many, many, pillows. And then, happily, I discovered the Scandinavian concept of Hygge.

The New Yorker recently published an article on this subject noting:

“ ‘hygge,’ a Danish term defined as ‘a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.’ Pronounced ‘hoo-guh,’ the word is said to have no direct translation in English, though ‘cozy’ comes close”

I love this! And I’m so happy it’s being adopted by North Americans. With our long, dark winters we need hygge! So now you can get some hygge too, next time you visit Buck’s. We’ve got cozy throws, big fluffy slippers, soft cozy sweaters, oversized wrap scarves, candles, more candles (I could go on). All in time for the long haul of winter. And, as it is January (aka sale season), we’ve got lots of great items marked down so you can get comfy and cozy and get a great deal. That’s one more reason to feel all warm and fuzzy inside after you visit us, take home your new booty, and snuggle up with a candle or two or three (if you’re like me).

Check out the full article here:

Happy Hygge,


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