How to Beat the January Blues

How to Beat the January Blues

We’re in it now. The decorations have been packed up for another year. The kids have gone back to school. The days are short, the nights are long. The deep freeze. The dead of winter. It sounds so bleak and we were having such a great time a few weeks ago. Holiday shopping, New Years’ parties, time with family and friends, time off. *Sigh* Despite the cold and grey, the dead of winter has its gifts, a slower pace, time spent at home hibernating, and shopping. Oh, no, you are thinking- no more shopping! But let me explain:

In retail, January is a time of ‘out with the old to make room for the new’. I may have mentioned that I love to shop, and I really love Christmas shopping but the best shopping of the year is the month post New Years’ sale shopping. I have always done my very best shopping in January; just after the kids go back to school. I’m talking treasures that don’t ever end up in the annual used clothing drive. How you ask? The reason is simple; retailers put out the best-of-the-best for the holiday season and whatever remains in January is put on sale and priced to go. That means getting the best-of-the-best for the best price of the year. It’s a total win-win for shoppers.

At Buck’s we are ratcheting up our sale by upping the discounts throughout the month of January.  We’ve got sheepskin lined, made-in-Canada winter boots 70% off, faux fur cheetah print coats 50% off, Blank NYC jeans 50% off, hand knit blanket scarves 40% off. Plus the the coziest mittens and hats, the coolest bags, the plushest sweaters all at amazing prices.

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