May is for Mothers

May is for Mothers

We’re into May, the merry, merry month. Although the weather is not as warm and sunny as we would want it, Mother Nature appears to be right on track. Everything is turning a bright lush green, robins are everywhere, and magnolias are blooming. At Buck’s, May is a big deal because of Mothers Day. When I was younger Mothers Day was all about the giving and as I have gotten older it has been a day of giving and receiving (those are truly the best days!). My own girls have always been very generous and thoughtful in their Mother’s Day gifts and treats. They always delight me and I know they put thought and care in their selections (they also ask a lot of questions and demand solid clues). Even so, I know this is not an easy process for many children of mothers because some mothers are really hard to gift-buy for. So let me, a mother(bucker) to the core, help you. Here’s a simple list of ideal gifts that I would love to receive; as would most Mothers.


Acorn Spa Slippers

As feet age they lose their padding which results in painful, bony areas. These slippers are like wearing pillows on your feet. They are so soft and well-padded your mother will want to wear them everywhere and they have a great indoor/outdoor sole so she can. They are width adjustable and machine washable. I could go on but I think you get the idea: they are perfect.


Glass candle and match box

Just added to our in-store gift selection are these beautiful candles in gorgeous embossed glass holders. There are 4 beautiful scents (my fav is Rosemary Mint). Add a box of artful wooden matches and you have a beautiful, and thoughtful, gift.


Velvet tote and pouch combo

These totes just arrived for spring in a stunning array of colours. The size is perfect for key items like books or a lunches and the velvet material is a modern, sumptuous take on the traditional tote. Bonus points added if you add in the zippered pouch to keep track of the small things that we often end up digging for at the bottom of the bag.


HOJ gold Lariat

I have been coveting this lariat since it arrived in the store. The silver one is beautiful as well. It’s simple and elegant, modern and minimalist. It looks great layered with a choker or just on its own. It looks like the real deal because it’s gold filled which means it will remain gold. You’ll honestly forget it isn’t the fine stuff.


She’s in Control T-Shirt

I confess I already own this tee. I could not resist the graphic and the thick plush cotton feel of this shirt. And I love a good road movie and this tee looks like it was lifted from a classic. It’s playful feminist message is both timeless and timely. We recommend you buy two because, when your sister see it, she’ll want one too.


Set of 3 stoneware vases

They are green. Not any green, spring green. That bright, Kelly green. Did I mention they are green? What more need be said?


Lemon Sock Set

In the absence of an actual foot massage these are as close as you can get. So soft, so plush, so perfectly fitting. Every woman who picks these up wants them but thinks twice about spending money on herself for this indulgence. Why???? This is the stuff we should be blowing our dough on! So do it for her. She will love them and you will be a hero.



Moms love to open multiple small gifts. I know this. One gift is very nice, two or three is delightful! Soooo, if you want to really blow her mind add a small bouquet of tulips or a bottle of New Zealand white wine to any of these gifts and, trust me, you will be elevated to favorite status.


Happy Mothers Day,



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