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Fall Frye

Fall Frye

When I think of fall there is one brand that automatically comes to mind. That brand is Frye. Who can resist the classic look and feel of those rustic browns and weathered leathers? Not me. I have been a Frye girl since 1976. That was the year I got my first pair of Frye boots for Christmas. I was in grade 9 and if you wanted any street cred at all, you needed to be sporting the Campus. Mine were banana yellow (a very popular colour in my high school) and I loved them. They just made me feel so much cooler whenever I had them on. That’s the enduring, timeless factor here: how a pair of Frye boots makes you feel. Just a little more relaxed and rebellious. It’s an intoxicating mix for a self-conscious 14 year old; or anybody else.

When we opened Buck’s Hard Goods the first brand I connected with was Frye. It’s been a partnership of mutual admiration. We are rustic and casual and so are they. We just get along so easily and effortlessly. And that is exactly what it’s like to wear a pair of Frye’s; instant easy, effortless style. You can wear them with jeans, leggings, shirt skirts, long skirts, shorts. There is nothing in my wardrobe that is not complemented, and actually elevated, by a pair of Frye boots.

This fall is no exception. Our customers love the look and feel of Frye boots and we routinely special order individual pairs (by style and colour) for true Frye aficionados. And there are some seriously loyal Frye girls in Oakville. This fall we’ve got the Melissa, the Sabrina, the Dylan (for your inner badass), the Phillip, the Kendall, the Karen and, of course, the Campus. We also carry numerous additional styles to round out your wardrobe.

So come in, try them on, and fall in love.

Yours in life&style,

Mother Bucker

Renee Mackenzie
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