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The Buck's Women

Posted on March 08 2019

The Buck's Women

It is early morning of International Women’s Day, as I write this, and I am thinking of my daughter, Kayla. A woman in her own right who made Buck’s a reality. When we started on this journey in 2014, it was first and foremost a way of realizing my personal dream while staying connected to, and growing with, my daughter. She was grown, graduated, and was about to embark on her own path in the world. I saw our business venture as a way to create independence while staying connected. Being an entrepreneur is challenging, and frustrating and fantastic. I got to experience all that it entails with one of the most wonderful people in the world. We’ve met and collaborated with many other talented women including my daughter Sarah, who has helped in so many creative ways. We’ve helped other great women entrepreneurs by selling and promoting their products in store. Together we’ve travelled near and far to find the best for our customers and made painstaking choices between one boot vs another. We’ve created 1000’s of Instagram posts, website photos, sales promotions, special events, and some wild, wild, window displays. We’ve fought hard and laughed harder. We’ve weathered very tough times and we continue to do so but I have nothing but gratitude for all of it. For the connection, for the time we’ve had, for the creating we’ve done together. And that, pretty much, sums up what I think we women do best: connecting, creating, and giving our time. Happy International Women’s Day.



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