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Why We're Here

Posted on February 24 2017

People come into the store and often ask what we’re about. Why did we open a shoe store when the world already has so many shoe stores? We’ve asked ourselves this question many times.

Here is the answer:

First, and foremost, we wanted to create a place to shop that we wanted to shop in. We wanted to create a place that you can linger in because there is so much unique stuff to look at and touch and try on. We wanted to give people a place that feels welcoming and easy going. We wanted to create the antithesis of the clinical brightly lit white box we see in countless stores, in countless malls.

Equally as important, we wanted to offer footwear and accessories for real life. Fashion spreads are beautiful to look at, but really, where are you going that you’d wear those Thigh-High emerald green snakeskin stiletto Boots? It’s streetwear that blows our minds. We love to people-watch and see how humans are rocking it on the street. So much more inspiring, visceral, and applicable to real life.

We’ve shopped all over the world. We’ve been to shoe and accessory stores in Toronto, New York, London, Hong Kong and there is a homogenization of brand offerings that is boring. Fuck boring. Worse than that the shoes and boots within them will wreck your feet. Which brings me to the second reason we opened a shoe store; we wanted to offer footwear that makes you feel good.

We believe 5 inch heels are bullshit. We believe the Jimmy Choo’s and Manolo Blahnik’s of the world represent the past. A time when women would suffer to look good. We don’t believe in plastic surgery or butt filler or walking around on heels that will destroy your feet, knees and back. Looking good should not involve pain. How about the abolition of the stiletto for the good of wo-mankind? Let’s embrace what is. Real Life.

Comfort and style can peacefully co-exist, in fact, we think they are made for each other. So we offer shoes and boots that are undeniably stylish and feel great. We believe the most beautiful women are those that exude a sense comfort in their own skin. THAT is inspiring!

Our ethos is simple; comfort + style = feel and look GOOD. We believe comfort is cool and we’re here to help you gear up for real life.

Struggling with one or the other? Drop by the store, give us a call, send us an email (We live for this shit).

P.S What about men? We carry great stuff for men. Casual footwear, casual accessories and a fine selection of anti-corporate gear to help guys reconnect with their real life ‘core values’.

Thoughts? Rebuttals? Lay it on us; right here.


Yours in life and style,

Mother Bucker

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