Tarot Collection Candles (Assorted)


Shy Wolf's 8 oz candles are made from North American soy wax and burn for 40-50 hours. Hand-poured in Grey Highlands with fine, phthalate-free fragrances.

Scents include: 

  • The Chariot: Smells of an awakening with a mix of amber, violet, peppercorn.
  • The EmperorRedwood, cypress and oak moss create a masculine and natural scent suggestive of stability and security
  • The Empress: Lavender and coconut milk blended for a soft, maternal aroma
  • The Fool: Sweetgrass, dew and gardenia make an awakening scent for new beginnings
  • The Hermit: Get into cabin life with musks of leather, tobacco, coffee & cedar
  • The Hierophant: White tea, ginger and florals create a subtle scent
  • High Priestess: Get your zen on with this calming blend of lavender, sage and patchouli
  • Justice: A comforting blend of vanilla tonka, sandalwood and guaiac makes for a cozy atmosphere. 20% of the sales of the Justice Candle go to Black Women in Motion, a Toronto-based organisation that empowers the advancement of black women and survivors of sexual violence.
  • The Lovers: Rose, lemon and vanilla blend beautifully for a romantic aroma
  • The Magician:  Cinnamon and vetiver join with cypress to create a complex, spicy fragrance
  • The Moon: This spa-like scent mixes eucalyptus, spearmint and rosemary
  • The Star: Raw honey, cocoa butter, cinnamon blend for the sweetest scent!
  • The Sun: An invigorating scent of citrus, tobacco and cedar
  • Wheel of Fortune: Smells of mystery, with spicy vetiver and clove, balanced by a hint of clary sage
  • Strength: Inspired by the Strength tarot card, smells of chai, cinnamon and vanilla.
  • Temperance: Inspired by the Temperance tarot card smells of bergamot, vaffron, and violet.
  • The World:  Smells like stepping into a new adventure, with black tea, mandarin, and cranberry.
  • Death: The scent of the changing of seasons and new beginnings smells like fallen leaves, sandalwood, teakwood