Welcome to Buck’s

            We’re an independent boutique situated in the unlikely juncture between grit and glitz. We specialize in leather boots, bags and belts, or in other words, tough stuff with timeless style. We’re advocators of the enduring cool-factor, not passing trends. We resist mainstream selections by housing an array of street wear staples from independent brands in footwear, bags and accessories.

            At Buck’s, we believe that work and play shouldn’t be exclusive. Work hard, play hard, dance hard, and dress harder, but never sacrifice comfort. Our shoes are apt to accommodate the all-too busy lives of urbanites, so that no matter how many floors, hills or city streets you walk, you’ll always feel grounded. Buck’s is rooted in a mixed tradition of rock and roll and wild woodlands, and as such we seek to provide you with the cozy habitat of a well-fit shoe, suited to your own creature-comfort needs and ready to navigate your own urban jungle—the wilder, the better.

            We truly believe that spirited shoes build character, down to every itty-bitty-gritty detail. So look around, meet your sole’s mate with a shoe enlivened with your same special vibe. Buck’s is a friend to every lawlessly stylish soul out there, so shop around or visit our store in Oakville to find a boot rough and ready for years of play.