Chakra Necklaces (Assorted)


Chakras are vortexes of energy that represent seven different points on the spinal column. These chakras are responsible for distributing life, energy and health within the body. The Chakra Necklaces from Pilgrim are associated with various systems of your body and are to bring peace and positive energy with you. Layer your Chakra necklaces to multiply the good vibes!

The Crown Chakra: CRYSTAL QUARTZ. The Crown is the connection to the mind and is associated with your brain and nervous system. The stone is meant to enhance positivity, concentration and balance.

The Third Eye Chakra: AMETHYST. The Third Eye is your intuition, awareness and peace and is associated with your eyes and sinuses. The stone is meant to clear the mind and enhance focus and mental presence to gain purpose and relieve stress.

The Throat Chakra: AMAZONITE. The throat is said to strengthen communication skills, generate confidence and enhance self-awareness. This chakra is associated with your thyroid, respiratory system and vocal cords. 

The Heart Chakra. ROSE QUARTZ. This Pilgrim Necklace is associated with your heart, immune system and lower lungs and the lovely rose-quartz energy is said to provide love, friendship, happiness and self-acceptance.

The Solar Plexus Chakra. CITRINE. The Solar Plexus's energy is said to provide internal strength, protection and increase self-confidence and is associated with your central nervous system, liver, digestive track and skin. 

The Sacral Chakra. CARNELIAN. The Sacral's energy is said to enhance creativity and to provide harmony and new-found courage. Sacral opens up your sexuality and lust and is associated with your reproductive organs, kidneys and immune system.

The Root Chakra. BLACK AGATE. Associated with your spine, legs, and arms, the root chakra's energy is said to provide stability, grounding and happiness.

  • Safe for sensitive skin

  • Silver Plated/Gold Plated

  • Chain measures 40cm with 9cm extension chain

  • Comes wrapped in special packaging

  • Handmade with heart
  • Each stone is unique and therefore will vary slightly in shape and hue.