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About us

Our humble roots and rowdy rise: 

            We met our muse several years ago: a Kentucky-born pup bearing a face with an unusual semblance to that of a buck. His name is Sulley MacKenzie, and he’s our wild thing. In line for death row, Sulley made his escape, eventually finding our animal-ridden home (wild things stick together). Buck’s Hard goods is a manifestation of Sulley’s tough bark and fun spirit. From his feral face emerged our store identity, hatched in the hands of founder and owner, Renee MacKenzie. 

            Renee was wild-willed enough to upstart an independent shoe store amidst an industry dominated by the chain store experience. Bucks is owned and operated by mother and daughter, Renee and Kayla MacKenzie, jointly riotous women with a preference for revamped vintage funk. In order to antidote a shoe industry plagued by utter sameness, Renee and Kayla personally pick brands and styles with spine and soul enough to make their wearer a proud standout. Buck’s selections are forever entrenched in the woodland inspo from which we grew, but are made for modern-minded urbanites, always on the move.

            With help from friends and family alike, Buck’s has found a home for itself in the downtown locale of Oakville, Ontario. Nonetheless, having taken abundant style inspo from the rock and roll, boho free thinkers of the past, we know how important it is to share. So Buck’s is welcoming the rest of the world to our little market of funk with the introduction of our website. We bid you to shop at your leisure; get acquainted, get loose, get ready, and join the buckin’ gang. 


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